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2 0 2 3 - 2 0 2 4  s e a s o n

Masks continue to be welcome and optional in the theater.

storm ludus poster.jpg

In 1937 Kansas, 11-year-old Jack Clark faces many challenges: local bullies, his father's desperate attempts to keep his family intact, an older sister getting sicker by the day, and a little sister with an eye for trouble.  But he's also facing the epic disaster of the Dust Bowl - which means families disappearing overnight, tempers flaring in his small town, and the steady spread of "Dust Dementia."  So can Jack eve ntrust his own eyes when he makes a terrifying discovery in the abandoned barn next door?  Is the sinister shadow - a creature to deprive humans of water forever - real?  When everyone says you're too small to be the hero of any story, where do you find the strength. to save your family ... and the world?

If this was a movie, we'd probably rate it PG for scary imagery.  The show runs about 60 minutes with no intermission.

Additionally, if you are looking for ways to support DHS Theatre, you can make a donation through the blue button. Every donation helps a DHS Theatre student, from snacks to shoes, every dollar goes back into supporting our students!

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