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Classes for DHS Students

Multiple figures in bright shirts looking up and to the viewers right with happy faces.
Intro, Intermediate & Advanced Theatre
  • Intro to Theatre is the best class for someone looking to dip their feet in with little commitment to performance.

  • Intermediate Theatre is a slight step up with a field trip to a nearby elementary school and shared class scenes.

  • Advanced Theatre is for those committed to performing, as there is a staged children's show in the winter and Student Directed one acts in the spring.

Figures standing in three lines facing the viewer, right arm swung up, left arm swung back.
Dance Elements

Express yourself in a class that offers individual expression throughout the diverse cultural use of dance through the history of performing arts.

Overhead view of the stage from where the stage lights are hung. Figures onstage and in house seats.

Learn the technical side of theatre in a class that teaches you the basics of lights, sound, makeup, painting techniques, building sets, etc.

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