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Directed by Hannah Fawcett

Designed by Yvette Geissinger

Produced by Blair Cromwell

Fight Direction by Paul Malone

Costume Design and Construction by Margaret Boatwright and Betsy Richardson

November 10-12

We produced MACBETH for the first time at DHS as an after school project. The production was loosely historic, using the basic outline of historical dress and manner, but with a streak of modernity, blending moments in history near and far. 

The company featured Pollox Geissinger, Elliot Grass, Keira Sierra, Tegan Meling, Kason Utz, Brandon Williams, Sam Aebi, Trystan Stephens, Lily Williams, Natalee Lime, Johnny Herb, Jodi Brown, Cynthian Garrison, Grace Kinzie, E Fetterley, Nadia Fowler, Alex Kellogg, Kala Geissinger, Emmaleigh Hausler, Olivia-Jane Sherman, Elsy Garrison, Zoey Garrison, Elijah Norene, Aloe Riccitello, Sophia Willard, Maddie Williams, Brianna Lane, James Anderson, Etho Crystal, Gabby Long, Amelia Woolsey, Seth Jones, Claire Meyers

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